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I will not die alone Corona

In China they try to spread Crohn’s disease everywhere
They have sent bats in their merchandise, beware buying any product from China, the epidemic has spread recently in Iran, the victims are very many and the mind does not absorb the terror caused by the disease, and the speed of spread is dangerous, caution and anticipation must be taken, so the prices of Chinese products will rise in the near future and that remains Out of stock in some countries, the deadly disease, Crohna, has changed some unexpected calculations, and another news has come out about the spread of Crohna disease in the UAE and Egypt

Corona viruses are a wide group of viruses that include viruses that can cause a group of disorders in humans, ranging from a common cold to severe acute respiratory syndrome. Also, viruses from this group cause a number of animal diseases.
Corona virus, the cause of respiratory syndrome in the Middle East
This special strain of Corona virus was not previously identified in humans. The information available is very limited on the transmission, severity and clinical impact of this virus because the number of reported cases is so far.


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